Seven for Syria

War has ravaged Syria for 7 years. People have lived through 7 years of chaos, fear, upheaval and heartbreak. For 7 years we have watched the news reports showing chemical attacks on children, towns devastated, people starving, medical facilities destroyed and felt helpless to affect any change. But if we can do something that could make even a small difference to one person for one day, it’s worth doing.  Here’s how to help:


1) Collect Clothes

In 7 years over 6 million Syrian people have been internally displaced and the reality is many will be facing another harsh winter.  Donate some winter clothing along with other items of personal care to send some warmth and comfort. As well as keeping warm, basic items are difficult to find – nappies to keep babies dry, sanitary products that we take for granted and incontinence pants to help maintain some dignity. You can find a full list of items we are collecting below. Please bring these along to one of our collection events or if you would like to hold a small collection locally, do get in touch through SAFR Facebook page or at


2) Help a schoolchild

7 years of war have meant many young people have had their schooling disrupted, many young children have never had the chance to go to school.  Send school supplies to help children take part in education – important for their development and also to occupy their time and distract them from the terrible situation around them.


3) Decorate a pencil case

We will be sending pencil cases decorated by children in Scotland, filled with lovely stationery.  These will be given as gifts to encourage children to continue with their schooling.  Come along to one of our events to take part.


4) Raise funds

There are lots of small ways you can help us raise some money – bring a homemade cake for a bake sale at one of our events, arrange a raffle prize or do a sponsored event.  We are always looking for fun ways to fundraise, so if you’d like to help, please join our SAFR Event Helpers facebook group.


5) Donate money

We are very lucky that people and organisations contribute so much to us free of charge, however there are certain costs that need to be covered.  We are planning to send a 40ft container to Syria packed full of useful items and the collecting, storage and shipping costs can be around £5000.  If everyone could donate a few pennies, it would go a long way to meeting these.  All details on how to donate are here


6) Give us your time

We can only achieve this with the help of all of you lovely people.  If you can give us even a little bit of your time, that would be amazing.  You could help sort clothes, take charity bags away, drive vans, carry boxes, do facepainting, make tea - the list is endless.  So, if you want to know more, please join our SAFR Event Helpers facebook group


7) Spread the word

Share facebook posts and events, put up a poster, talk to your friends and colleagues.  7 years of war, 7 years is too much, don’t let the children, women and men of Syria be forgotten.  Each small act adds up.

Here are the planned events, please ensure everything is clean & in good condition and only bring what is on the list.

1. Clarkston Scout Hall, 21 Aidens Brae, G76 7EP

Saturday 12th May 2018  2-5pm

2. St Marys Church, 74 Avon Street, Motherwell, ML1 3AB

Saturday 19th May 2018 11am - 2pm

3. Kelbourne St Scout Hall, Kelbourne Street, Glasgow, G20 6SY

Sunday 10th June 18  11am-2pm

4. Renfrew Baptist Church, 77 Paisley Road PA4 8LH

Saturday 16th June  11am - 2pm

5. Lochwinnoch Community Annexe, Lochlip Road, PA12 4AE

Saturday 1st September 2018  1pm-4pm

6. Newlands Scout Hall, 147 Mossgiel Road G43 2BY

Saturday 25th August  11am - 2pm

7. Glasgow East End - Details to follow




If you are able to make a donation you can click here. All funds are greatly appreciated.